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4‌ ‌Digital‌ ‌Marketing‌ ‌Strategies‌ ‌for‌ ‌Small‌ ‌Businesses‌ ‌

Why Digital Marketing?
Nowadays lack of online presence can kill the business growth and hammered your business badly. With the increasing number of internet users and the number of online searches for services, online presence becomes the need of every business. But all businesses, especially small ones can not afford to hire an agency for online marketing services. So, here we will discuss 4 budget-friendly digital marketing strategies that can be implemented on your own.

Digital Marketing tips for small business
First, identify

What is the demographic base of your customer?
Which online platform uses search for products similar to your products?
What do your competitors offer to users?
What is your budget for online advertisement?
Answers of these questions help you to build and implement digital marketing strategies more effectively.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
Google My Business
Google My Business is one of the powerful digital marketing tools for small and local businesses. Ranking in Google My Business listing improves your business online visibility and sale. If you are running a business that targets the local people then Google My Business is the first tool of your list to make an impact on online searches.

For example, if user search for “digital marketing training institute in Mumbai”, Google shown result as,

Google My Business
Google My Business not only helps users with businesses related to the search query but also guides them with maps to reach at particular locations and provide contact information for the businesses.

GMB is the best way to gain online visibility and credibility for the business in a short period of time. If you are running a local business then It should be top in your list.

How to optimize GNB profile and rank your business
Fill up all details of your business.
Include Keywords in business title and description.
Update your business opening hours accurately.
Update your business location correctly.
Add photos as much as you can.
Manage and respond to customer reviews.
Let users contact or message you.
Add a local post regularly.
Add product catalogue for the users.
Remember, your business listing ranking will be improved when you get the good reviews and update the post regularly. Google My Business listing is absolutely free of cost service from Google.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook advertising is also a great option to reach more people and improve your business social presence. Facebook marketing can be done in two ways, either organically or paid advertising.

What is Organic posting:
Facebook organic posting means creating user interested content regularly and posting it on your Facebook business page in order to gain more followers and likes to your business page. Though organic posting takes more time to get the result, consistency and patience are important to get good and long term results for your business. You can also add offers on your business page inorder to get more visibility and user engagement.

Paid Advertisement:
Facebook paid marketing
Facebook paid advertising is widely used by many small and medium businesses to get the result instantly. With Paid advertising you can select which area and interest of people want to display your ad. Based on your ad objectives the cost will vary for advertisement. For lead generation campaigns cost be higher compared to the awareness and reach campaign.

Facebook paid advertising is marked as a “Sponsored” post when showing for the targeted audience. You need to create the Facebook ad account in order to start with Facebook paid advertisement.

Facebook paid advertising helps businesses to reach more users in a short time, with targeting to specific location, gender and age groups but it is bit costly service for local small businesses.

Google AdWords
There are thousands of search queries made on Google every second. No other advertising option has the potential to get the quick and good result for your business than the Google Adwords.

A Guide to Effective Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed at a rapid pace over the past decade alone, particularly with the growth of the internet.

Today, there are more than 3.5 billion searches conducted on Google every single day. That’s the equivalent of half the world’s population making one search on a daily basis.

With it, more and more businesses are going online and putting more of their budget towards advertising and marketing on the internet.

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It’s never been more important for your business to be online and to better understand digital marketing trends. Here’s a quick guide to help make sure your business is effectively marketing online:

Search Engine Optimisation
With the enormous popularity of Google it’s important that your business compete highly for searches your prospects are conducting. Whether this be for national searches or local, there is plenty of traffic out there to sell your products or services too. Ranking your website in Google is known as Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

Unless you have a background in marketing then this may seem overwhelming to you. There are thousands of professionals out there who know how to get the job done so it is well worth investing in a digital marketing agency to assist you.

Suggest site: SportsHabit.

An agency can take care of every aspect for you – from optimising your website itself to encourage users to convert, to getting you the relevant and intent traffic from Google and other search engines themself.

Content Marketing
On aspect of SEO is Content Marketing. This is the approach of creating and distributing valuable content to attract customers.

It’s another task your digital marketing agency can carry out for you and something we recommend working with them. After all, you’re the one that will know what’s unique about your company, what news you have and other assets that can be of use to them.

The agency can then put this to use by way of content that can be distributed across the web in front of your potential customers. Content marketing can also be used to support your SEO.

Social Media Marketing
Social networks have grown in popularity this millennium. Whilst MySpace may not be a thing anymore, Facebook has more than 2.8 billion active monthly users, which is quite a significant audience to say the least.

How many of those users could be interested in your product or service if they only came across it? Social media marketing can be done by way or publishing content on a business page created specifically for this purpose.

You can attract an audience to your page, engage with them and run advertisements to sell your product to.

Public Relations
Similar to what McDonalds, supermarkets and John Lewis have been doing for decades, Public Relations is the art of persuading your target audience into purchasing your product.

Historically, this has been done in newspapers, on television and radio. Today, the engaged media is largely online – such as social channels and websites.

PR is not for everyone. It’s often for storytellers and those good at networking. After all, the aim is to get featured in large publications. Their aim is to create a pitch or a narrative about your business in order for the newspapers and influencers to share your story.

It’s different to advertising in that it is unpaid media. Ie you don’t pay to be featured on the news but rather create a story to get featured. It is earned media.

If you hire a good agency to carry this out for you then it can be hugely profitable by putting your product in front of a large audience and building your brand in the process.